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Moving more towards a local success, we have Playa Bowls, a dream founded by two teens originating from the Jersey Shore, named Robert Giuliani and Abby Taylor. This restaurant, or more so, a pop up stand, became a movement in 2014 when these two surfer teens chased waves in places such as Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and other exotic locations. Every town they visited had their own unique smoothie shop or cafe with the famous Açai or Pitaya bowls. It was the perfect meal for people getting off the beach needed to feel recharged while it being light and healthy. The nutrients within are known to give a natural energy boost and taste great! These teens decided to open up their own stand using Açai bowls and a few smoothies they created. It started very small, two blenders, a fridge and a patio table in Belmar, NJ.

It was not a huge hit at first, they needed to hand out flyers and explain what this Açai fruit actually is and what it can do for you. After a few months passed, it became well known and they knew they needed a bigger space. They moved into Belmar fitness after it was vacant from hurricane Sandy and opened on July 4th that year and the line was endless from opening to closing. This location became their flagship store and now they own 32 locations with over 29 more scheduled for expansion in the next two years. Think about this, they opened their first patio table in 2014 and now have 61 locations in progress with many food trucks traveling around. With over $35 million dollars in sales, this is one of the most fast growing businesses created by teens in the United States.

These two teens took a risk of $7K dollars and created something that is now so widely known and enjoyed by many, anything from surfers to athletes. I would assume that they did not fully know everything that they were doing, in fact Taylor was actually reluctant to the idea of the company, but they ended up successful. The idea behind this is that even if you do not know where you may end up, but more importantly how, as long as you have drive, you can be successful. They happened to hit the target market perfectly and expanded as necessary and their business plan ended up working. This is a great lesson to all of those who are on the brink of an idea becoming a reality. This is motivation to start, if you fail, then all you do is learn, no harm in that, but if you succeed, it could become anything and everything you have ever wanted. In today’s world, success can be extremely predicted as well as completely unpredictable. You can always calculate tastes and preferences as well as trends, in which they did, they just transferred this business to a new place, but you cannot calculate the journey, but as these teens showed, thats okay. Sometimes you just have to take the jump, or wave in this case.

Playa Bowls,

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