One of the greatest lessons that can be learned from a very famous, yet still on the rise chef. His name is Nusret Gökçe of the restaurant Nusr-et. He started this restaurant in Turkey and succeeded phenomenally so opened his restaurants mission into Dubai and then eventually Abu-Dhabi. This was not even the tip of his success though, in January 2017 he was the theme of a viral video and given the nickname of “Salt Bae” because of his smooth technique and pouring of salt over his meal when it is ready to be served. Because of this newfound fame, he decided to go international towards New York and Miami.

Then came the criticism, while he was being successful in Europe, transferring techniques to the United States did not work as effectively. People in different locations have different expectations and tastes. An American steakhouse would not work in a country tailored to lamb, such as Greece. While still making enough for a profit in New York to open in Miami and to still be running the original ones is quite the feat, but not without much criticism. With general serving sizes in Europe being very small in proportion compared to typical American portions. This was one of the biggest problems all critics reviewing the restaurant mentioned. For the expense it takes to eat at this restaurant, people were expecting more, yet since this restaurant is featured in generally prominent areas, money is generally not an issue. As New York may have expensive restaurants, people still felt this was not worth the money. Another factor that this coincides with is the quality and taste of the meat. “Great service, very expensive, small portions, charge for the water, left there hungry” says one yelp user. While some have complained about it not being what they were hoping for or some even believing it was not cooked right, some of this may just be the difference in how different cultures portray these entrees.

From these observations, we can tell that for your restaurant or business that you are reaching for, you just know that location and audience you are attending to is very important. While we cannot decide whether or not it is profitable for Nusret Gökçe, we know that he is more successful in Dubai or Turkey and should aim to at least start by targeting the correct audiences. Nusret was able to tailor to his audience in Istanbul with his Turkish background, such as In and Out Burgers is tailored to the west as it is a healthier alternative to fast food and western America is the core of health in this present day. Clearly each situation will be different for everyone, but that is part of the challenge. You can bring the supply but if there is no demand then you will not succeed.

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